Divine Foods

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At Divine Foods we use only the freshest, best-quality ingredients so we can bring you fabulous foods that tantalise your taste buds, please your palates and appease your appetites.

Whether it’s a workplace bash, a corporate meeting, a fun social event or a special family gathering, we believe no occasion is complete unless you celebrate it with divine food.

We delight in providing a wonderful range of exciting modern fare and a great selection of menus with something to suit everyone. Whether it’s big business or small and personal, the food should still be a celebration of all that is great to eat!

You can select from our menus or we can design one just for you to best match your event, dietary needs or budget. We understand that one size does not fit all.

Give us a call on +64 9 815 9326 or +64 21 111 2089 to discuss. We love talking food!